2016 Local Corps Member: Noah Kresbsbach

Performing Corps: Phantom Regiment


Performing this summer with The Phanton Regiment is percussionist Noah Kresbsbach from Newburgh. Noah is a 2015 graduate of Castle High School and is very excited to be with Phantom this summer.

For Noah, his perspective on drum corps has certainly evolved since his first experiences. “My perception of drum corps has drastically changed from when I was a spectator to now, a performer. I see it less like people playing loud notes and fast rolls running around a field and more of what the activity is at its core; a family. You are unknowingly adopted into a family with 149 brothers and sisters. ”

And as the season soon begins for Noah, his excitement has been growing. “When time comes for you to go to the next camp you are so excited to see everyone you can’t sleep, all you can do is lay in bed buzzing with the excitement like a child on Christmas.” says Kresbsbach.

Noah will begin his summer tour at the DCI Tour Premiere on June 23 in Indianapolis, IN where Phantom will be performing for a large audience at Lucas Oil Stadium , in addition to being broadcast at movie theaters across the country. We wish Noah the best of luck this season.