2016 Local Corps Member: Anna Hirsch

Performing Corps: The Cadets


Castle High School graduate Anna Hirsch will again be performing with The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps Color Guard this summer during the DCI Summer Tour. And even though Anna won’t have a “home show” in Evansville this year, she will still be doing what she loves — performing!

Since she was very little, Anna has had a deep passion for color guard. As Anna recalls, “I have been spinning a flag since I was in the third grade and have always wanted to pursue my dream of marching in a drum corps.”

For Anna, being in a drum corps is a great experience because no matter how tired you get, you get to share your love and passion for an activity with 149 other people. “It’s great to see how total strangers can become best friends in a matter of a few weeks.” Anna says. She chose to audition at the Cadets in 2015 because she loved the way they work as not only as a team, but as a family.  She reminds herself everyday that “I may be a small part of the Cadets, but they are a large part of me.”

For Holy Name Shall Always Be is more than just a saying for Anna and The Cadets. It is their way of life and tradition of the corps. “I never realized how important six words could be in bringing 150 members so close together,” says Hirsch.

This summer Anna hopes to gain the experience of not only a team working hard toward a goal, but being a part of a hard working family. She really enjoys the way The Cadets act as a family and she is very excited to be a part of it again for a second consecutive year. Have a wonderful summer, Anna! Good luck to you and The Cadets this season!