Drum Corps International gained national notoriety in 2016 due to a very energetic synth player with the Boston Crusaders. Anna Eberhart of Denton, TX probably never thought her first season in Drum Corps would be as exciting as it has been. In case you have been living under a rock — earlier this summer, Anna’s performance went viral around the internet. Her animated faces and movements during performances gained national attention, being covered by People Magazine, Mashable, TMZ, Huffington Post, ESPN, and countless other media outlets. And the Boston Crusaders could not be happier for the attention.

The show that the Boston Crusaders are presenting this year is titled, “Quixotic.” It follows the story of Don Quixote, considered one of the most influential works of literature from the Spanish Golden Age. Authored by Miguel de Cervantes, the novel takes the readers through the adventures of Mr. Alonso Quixano. He reads so many books he loses his sanity, re-imagines himself as “Don Quixote,” and sets out to revive chivalry and bring justice to the world. This ‘knight errant’ is a visionary, defining his own reality, on a noble quest so real in his imagination.

Seen by millions around the world, the viral video is part of the Crusaders’ 2016 show where Don Quixote goes crazy and loses his mind. As Katie Trombetti, Media Team Director for the Boston Crusaders explained, “Anna is emulating what is going on in the show. She is in the mindset that she wants to perform and put on a good show. Anna started doing the crazy faces as part of the performance.” And the reaction has been great from her fellow corps members. “The energy she shows is matched by her fellow corps members – using it to their advantage. It has been beneficial all around and we couldn’t have picked a better member for this to happen to,” said Trombetti.


When Anna first found out about the viral video, her reaction was very mellow. As she recalled, “First time I saw it was on Facebook. We were [at a performance] and saw it and I was like cool, whatever. The next day everyone started texting me saying, ‘Hey you’re on the internet!’” The passion that she has for her craft truly does shine as she performs. “I just put myself in the shoes of Don Quixote and the story line, the music, and how it correlates to the story and what I feel. And I just perform,” says Anna.

In July, Band Shoppe proudly sponsored Boston Day: An Afternoon with the Crusaders. Anna, along with the Crusaders, performed their show for free to the Evansville community and held an educational clinic for brass, percussion, and color guard students along with an ensemble clinic for the crowd of 300 who attended the event. The ensemble clinic broke down various parts of the show and were explained to the crowd giving meaning to the music and movements.

With DCI World Championships approaching (August 11-13 in Indianapolis, IN), Anna will return to Texas when the season concludes to begin her senior year of high school. She will be a member of her high school’s marching band, leading them as one of three drum majors. If Anna brings the same level of energy and passion to her role of drum major as she has with the Crusaders, there is no doubt her local group will go far this year.

We wish Anna, The Boston Crusaders, the corps that attended DRUMS on the OHIO, and the rest of the amazing corps in DCI best of luck at World Championships. Thank you for an awesome season! Tickets are still available for the festivites in Indianpolis at Lucas Oil Stadium. You can get tickets by CLICKING HERE. You can also see the preliminary round of competition on the West Side of Evansville on Thursday, August 11 at Evansville 16 (AMC MOVIE THEATER). Showing starts at 5:30PM and tickets can be bought from Fathom Events by CLICKING HERE.