North High School graduate Patrick Jackson has been performing in DCI since 2016. From 4th grade band to now with his current passion of drum corps — whether it was concert, jazz, honors groups, or marching — it has always been a part of his life. When Patrick first began his Drum Corps experience, he started with the Colts. Now in his fourth and final season, he will be touring with the Cavaliers and is excited to age out with them this summer. He has used the corps song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” as an inspiration as he hopes to take all the experiences that he has gotten in the last three years and incorporate it into this last season with the corps.

“When we as a corps first sang it, it really hit me that this is it. Drum corps has always been my escape from the world, and everyone who has gotten the opportunity to participate in it knows the feeling. It is one of the few times in your life when you do not have to think about what is happening in the world, your only concentration is the product you are putting on the field and the brothers that are beside you,” said Patrick.

Patrick has not always been a baritone player. At North he played the saxophone in the marching band and concert bands. When he finished his senior year of marching band, he knew he wanted to be a part of drum corps. That year he decided to learned how to play baritone. He had two weeks to learn the instrument from the start with only a beginner book and what he had picked up through listening in class. Those two weeks turned out to set him up for the ride of his life, after he ended up getting a contract after his first camp in December of 2016 with the Colts.

“To be able to tell people ‘look what I have done, look how I have had to work to get here, and lastly look who I have inspired to join this activity as well’ is something special to me.”

The Cavaliers will be starting the season with a west coast swing, traveling across the country and performing over 30 shows. Patrick and The Cavaliers will be presenting their 2019 production, “The Wrong Side of the Tracks.” We would like to wish Patrick a great last season and the best of luck with his future endeavors!