Music City will be coming to DRUMS on the OHIO again this year in the World Class Division. Joining them is Luke Becher from Newburgh, Indiana. This will be the Castle graduates first year marching with Music City. Luke first got into Drum Corps and marching band when he participated in the playing of the National Anthem in 2014. “I remember the first time I was introduced to Drum Corps. Mr. (Faril) Bunner, my Middle School Band Director, showed us videos of The Blue Devils,” said Luke. The next year he joined the Castle Marching Knights on the trumpet line. That year Castle participated in the Disneyland Thanksgiving Parade. The next year Castle made Bands of America National Finals. Castle won Class 3A and placed 8th overall in the National Finals. Not a bad start to Luke’s marching career.

“Since being in Marching Band, I have attended the DRUMS on the OHIO competitions every summer. On June 27, 2017 I attended the Blue Stars Experience at Reitz Bowl and I absolutely knew I wanted to march for DCI.”

Luke graduated from Castle in May and will be attending the University of Louisville in August. Luke plans on pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. His senior year, Luke joined the robotics team to develop his engineering skills. He has also been volunteering on the sound and light team at his church.

Luke says, “Marching for DCI gives me the opportunity to travel the Country, make lifelong friends and grow and improve as a person. I have become friends with some Drum Corp vets and they describe how drum Corp has taught them discipline, resilience, respect and focus. These attributes will assist me in college and my career path. I believe this will improve my personal development, health and work ethic as well.”

Music City joined the World Class division last year and experienced an outstanding first year as a World Class Corps. The corps is looking to continue the success that they experienced last year. We want to wish Luke and Music City the best of luck this year!