Fall Festival 2019 Band Boosters Food Booths

The smell of fried food is in the air on the west side of Evansville. Fabled as the “second largest street festival next to Mardi Gras,” the 98th West Side Nut Club Fall Festival is underway this week on Franklin Street. Many area organizations are working extremely hard during this week to raise funds for their groups by selling some of the yummiest food around. For some groups, this is their largest fundraiser of the year.

Among those groups are several band booster clubs raising money for their marching band programs.

  • Mater Dei Marching Wildcats – Booth 90
  • Bosse Marching Bulldogs – Booth 91
  • Central Marching Band – Booth 112
  • Harrison Instrumental Music – Booth 52
  • Reitz Instrumental Music – Booth 58
  • North Green Brigade Marching Band – Booth 68

A couple of members of our team sampled some of what these organizations had to offer. Each one had food and/or drink items that were extremely delicious and well worth the money spent. Below we have provided a review of each booth’s top item, along with a listing of their menu and prices.

DRUMS on the OHIO is happy to support all of the area marching band programs and their booster clubs. We hope our fans will also show their support by sampling some of the great food and drinks these organizations have to offer at this year’s festival.

To see the locations of all of these booths on Franklin Street, be sure to download your copy of the 2019 Nut Club Fall Festival Munchie Map.

For more information about this years festival events & rides or to view the live cameras, visit the official West Side Nut Club Website.

Mater Dei Marching Band Fall Festival Food Booth

Mater Dei Marching Wildcats
Band Boosters
Booth 90

If you are looking for a delicious sandwich to begin your food journey, stop by the Mater Dei Marching Wildcats’ booth. Their jumbo breaded pork tenderloin is one of the best on the street. This classic tenderloin sandwich has a nice crunchy, crispy texture and is very appetizing.

Load this sandwich up with the available condiments and pickles or just enjoy it plain. When you bite into this sandwich, the flavor is super savory and will make you want to come back for more.

Also available on their menu are chicken strips, mozzarella cheese sticks (the best on the street), jalapeno and cheddar cheese poppers, or splurge and get the slice of heaven which is cheese cake dipped in chocolate (with or without nuts). They also have a lunch special that includes 2 chicken strips, 2 cheese sticks, and 1 popper.

Mater Dei Full Menu
Bosse Marching Band Fall Festival Food Booth

Bosse Marching Bulldogs
Band Boosters
Booth 91

The Marching Bulldogs are serving up something with a JERK this year! If you are looking for a healthy option, stop by their booth and try their Jerk Chicken. Grilled on a flat top and served in a delicious jerk sauce, this food item is a must try.

The jerk sauce used on this chicken dish is what makes this so good! It has a nice sweet and savory taste. And not at all spicy. As you finish eating this, you are going to think two things. 1) I wish there was more and 2) I wish I had more sauce. Very good and highly recommended.

Bosse Band Jerk Chicken

Their menu also has a buffalo chicken dish and wraps made with either the jerk chicken or the buffalo chicken. They also have just about any form of hot dog you can think of including corn dog, jalapeno corn dog, chili dog, cheese dog, kraut dog, and reuben dog.

Bosse Marching Band Fall Festival Food Booth

Central Marching Band
Band Boosters
Booth 112

The weather has been pretty warm during the first part of the festival this year. But the evening temperatures are suppose to start dropping toward the end of the week. If you are looking for something warm and delicious, then check out the Potato Soup served by the Central Marching Band Boosters.

This hearty potato soup reminds you of something that your grandma would make. And we all know grandma food is usually the best! Creamy with nice potato chunks, this soup has just the right blend of flavor and is garnished with shredded cheddar cheese, bacon, and green onions.

Central Band Potato Soup

The Central Band Boosters also have a nice selection of drinks including Cherry and Apple Cider. A cold cider goes great with the warm potato soup.

Central Band Cider

This year, the Central Band was awarded the 2019 Golden Acorn Best of the Fest trophy for their potato soup from WIKY. And believe us, those guys at WIKY know their food! We were told that this potato soup is made with love by the cafeteria staff at Central High School. Kuddos to them for having one heck of a tasty potato soup.

Central Band Potato Soup Acorn Winner

Their menu also includes jumbo red velvet or pumpkin cupcakes with home-made cream cheese icing and hot dogs either plain or with cheese.

Central Band Full Menu
Harrison Marching Band Fall Festival Food Booth

Harrison Instrumental Music
Band Boosters
Booth 52

The Harrison Warrior Command have some nice, healthy options this year provided by Fool Moon on Evansville’s West Side. Their main dish is the Gator Wrap. If you are apprehensive in trying gator, don’t be! The gator chunks in this wrap look and taste just like chicken.

Light and made with very fresh ingredients, this item has a ton of great flavor. The gator chunks are cooked in a mild Cajun seasoning and is served in a wrap with crisp green lettuce, shredded cheese, and a flavorful ranch dressing. If you are trying to watch your calories, then give the Harrison booth a try.

Harrison Band Gator Wrap

Their menu also includes a vegan wrap option, the chicken-bacon-ranch (CBR) wrap, broccoli cheese soup, and puppy chow for dessert.

Harrison Band Full Menu
Reitz Marching Band Fall Festival Food Booth

Reitz Instrumental Music
Band Boosters
Booth 58

Serving delicious, deep-fried goodness, the Reitz Instrumental Music Boosters are once again offering their excellent french waffles. Crunchy and cooked to perfection, these waffles make for a great snack as you walk down the street. Waffles are served with powdered sugar that enhances the taste of this mouthwatering favorite.

Be sure to get waffles with A TON of powdered sugar on them as the more, the better. These waffles do come with a disclaimer. They are so good that you WILL end up with powdered sugar on you. Licking it off is optional. You can buy a single waffle or a pack of 4 to share with you friends. Or keep them for yourself.

Reitz Band Waffles

While picking up a french waffle, be sure to get your frozen nectar of the gods! The Reitz booth is also serving FROZEN SKI SLUSHIES — as seen at DRUMS on the OHIO back in June. This refreshing slushie is super good and goes with pretty much any food item on the street. If you are a fan of Ski, then you have to try a Ski Slushie.

Reitz Band Ski Slushies

Below is a full menu listing available at the Reitz Instrumental Music Booster booth along with prices.

Reitz Band Full Menu
North Marching Band Fall Festival Food Booth

North Green Brigade
Band Boosters
Booth 68

Be sure to save room for this dessert! The North Green Brigade has arguably THE BEST funnel cake on Franklin Street this year. Their funnel cakes are going to be something that you will crave all year long. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, this item comes with either a powder sugar or a cinnamon sugar coating. But it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you spend a little extra and get it with one of their toppings that include blueberry, cherry, strawberry, caramel, or hot fudge. Pictured is their funnel cake with strawberry topping.

This funnel cake is huge and a great value. But you will probably need some help finishing it off. Pick one up! Your belly and your taste buds will thank you for it!

North Band Funnel Cake

Along with the toppings already described, for a little bit more they also have peanut butter cups, s’more, and apple turnover that can go on this already decadent funnel cake. In addition, they have fruit shoots along with apple & cherry cider.

North Band Full Menu