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Part of the DRUMS on the OHIO experience is to attend a rehearsal of your favorite corps performing at our show. Locations and dates are listed below for each corps. Rehearsals are open to the public and are free to attend. So get out there and check out some drum corps the week of our show.

Rehearsal times will be announced by the corps the day of their rehearsal. Some corps will post their daily schedule to their social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram). All corps social media information is listed on their info pages on our website.

The Cavaliers: Central High School
Schedule: Arriving 6/27; Depart 6/28

Blue Stars: Reitz High School
Schedule: Arriving 6/26; Depart 6/29
(See information about the Blue Stars Experience on June 27th)

Boston Crusaders: North High School
Schedule: Arriving 6/27; Depart 6/29

Madison Scouts: McGary Middle School
Schedule: Arriving & Depart 6/28

Pioneer: AIS on Diamond
Schedule: Arriving 6/27; Depart 6/29

Music City: Mt. Vernon High School
Schedule: Arriving 6/28; Depart 6/29