You know!? That Girl From the Boston Crusaders!

You know!? That Girl From the Boston Crusaders!

Boston Crusaders Pit Player Video Goes Viral

bdphotoDrum Corps International gained national notoriety this year due to a very energetic synth player with the Boston Crusaders. Anna Eberhart of Denton, TX probably never thought her first season in Drum Corps would be as exciting as it has been. In case you have been living under a rock — earlier this summer, Anna’s performance went viral around the internet. Her animated faces and movements during performances gained national attention, being covered by People Magazine, Mashable, TMZ, Huffington Post, ESPN, and countless other media outlets. And the Boston Crusaders could not be happier for the attention.

The show that the Boston Crusaders are presenting this year is titled, “Quixotic.” It follows the story of Don Quixote, considered one of the most influential works of literature from the Spanish Golden Age. Authored by Miguel de Cervantes, the novel takes the readers through the adventures of Mr. Alonso Quixano. He reads so many books he loses his sanity, re-imagines himself as “Don Quixote,” and sets out to revive chivalry and bring justice to the world. This ‘knight errant’ is a visionary, defining his own reality, on a noble quest so real in his imagination.

Seen by millions around the world, the viral video is part of the Crusaders’ 2016 show where Don Quixote goes crazy and loses his mind. As Katie Trombetti, Media Team Director for the Boston Crusaders explained, “Anna is emulating what is going on in the show. She is in the mindset that she wants to perform and put on a good show. Anna started doing the crazy faces as part of the performance.” And the reaction has been great from her fellow corps members. “The energy she shows is matched by her fellow corps members – using it to their advantage. It has been beneficial all around and we couldn’t have picked a better member for this to happen to,” said Trombetti.


When Anna first found out about the viral video, her reaction was very mellow. As she recalled, “First time I saw it was on Facebook. We were [at a performance] and saw it and I was like cool, whatever. The next day everyone started texting me saying, ‘Hey you’re on the internet!’” The passion that she has for her craft truly does shine as she performs. “I just put myself in the shoes of Don Quixote and the story line, the music, and how it correlates to the story and what I feel. And I just perform,” says Anna.

In July, Band Shoppe proudly sponsored Boston Day: An Afternoon with the Crusaders. Anna, along with the Crusaders, performed their show for free to the Evansville community and held an educational clinic for brass, percussion, and color guard students along with an ensemble clinic for the crowd of 300 who attended the event. The ensemble clinic broke down various parts of the show and were explained to the crowd giving meaning to the music and movements.

With DCI World Championships approaching (August 11-13 in Indianapolis, IN), Anna will return to Texas when the season concludes to begin her senior year of high school. She will be a member of her high school’s marching band, leading them as one of three drum majors. If Anna brings the same level of energy and passion to her role of drum major as she has with the Crusaders, there is no doubt her local group will go far this year.

We wish Anna, The Boston Crusaders, the corps that attended DRUMS on the OHIO, and the rest of the amazing corps in DCI best of luck at World Championships. Thank you for an awesome season! Tickets are still available for the festivites in Indianpolis at Lucas Oil Stadium. You can get tickets by CLICKING HERE. You can also see the preliminary round of competition on the West Side of Evansville on Thursday, August 11 at Evansville 16 (AMC MOVIE THEATER). Showing starts at 5:30PM and tickets can be bought from Fathom Events by CLICKING HERE.

2016 Local Corps Member – Emily Gross

2016 Local Corps Member: Emily Gross

Performing Corps: The Cadets


Emily Gross of Newburgh, IN will be joining The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps for the first time this summer. This 2016 Castle High School graduate performed in the color guard for four years and was color guard captain her junior and senior years. During her senior year, she was selected to be a member of the 2016 U.S. Army All-American Marching Band that performed during the U.S. Army Bowl halftime show in San Antonio, Texas in January 2016.

Emily states, “I auditioned at The Cadets because I already knew a couple members there, and I heard all great things from them. For me, being in a drum corps means dedication.” This summer Emily will be presented with new challenges and will push herself to new limits. ” In order to succeed, I must have the dedication and commitment to get better every day. Drum corps also means family. I will be spending three months with the corps, and during that time we will be the only ones there for each other. We will see each other at our best and at our worst. I am very excited to start my summer at The Cadets. I can’t wait to tackle new challenges and gain another family,” says Gross.

As the 2016 season begins, Emily excitement level continues to grow. “I am thrilled to spend this summer on the road, doing what I love to do. Drum corps will be something I have never experienced before, and I am excited to start this chapter of my life.” Emily continues, ” I also look forward to meeting friends that share my passion and will last a lifetime. Everyone I know who has done drum corps has come back from tour saying it was the best decision they have ever made. I am so excited to experience it all for myself.”

The Cadets will tour this summer performing their show, Awakening. Emily will travel with the Cadets to about 25 additional cities across the country, all culminating at the DCI World Championships in Indianapolis August 11-13. We wish much success to Emily and The Cadets this season. Have a great summer!

2016 Local Corps Member – Brian Reel

2016 Local Corps Member: Brian Reel

Performing Corps: Phantom Regiment


Marching with Phantom Regiment this summer is Brian Reel from Newburgh, IN. Brian is a 2015 Castle High School graduate and is attending Ball State University majoring in music education.

Being Brian’s second year performing in drum corps, he has learned a lot from his past experiences. Brian said, “I always heard about and knew that drum corps is very hard, and it certainly is, but I didn’t realize that, at least for me, it is a lot of fun as well. At the end of each day the hard work put in is rewarding in itself. It is an opportunity for a great amount of introspection and personal growth, and it’s where I can wake up in the morning and know I get to be a part of something I love.”

This year, Phantom Regiment will celebrate their 60th anniversary. Formed in 1956 by a group of VFW Post 342 members, the original name was the Rockford Rangers with an all-girl color guard called the Rangerettes. Brian will be a part of a tradition of excellence as he performs their show, Voice of Promise, in 2016. Best of luck to you this summer, Brian!

2016 Local Corps Member – Roy Stewart

2016 Local Corps Member: Roy Stewart

Performing Corps: Music City


Appearing for the first time at DRUMS on the OHIO this year is Music City Drum and Bugle Corps from Nashville, TN. And performing for his second season with Music City is Tri-State native Roy Stewart of Flora, IL. Roy is a 2014 graduate of Flora High School and currently studies music education at Olney Central College.

Roy joined Music City last year and says he loved every second of his experience. “I gained another family while marching last season and we are already becoming a family this season with 2016 Music City members. Drum corps has helped my musical talents greatly with breathing in time, playing in time, and my marching techniques,” Stewart says.

Having come from a high school that does not have a marching program, Roy feels that he has accomplished many leaps and bounds with marching in drum corps. He says, “I’m in love with drum corps. The rush of playing in front of a crowd of people and hearing the applauses and screams from the enthusiastic crowd brings me great joy.

We are thrilled to have Roy and Music City Drum and Bugle Corps premiering their show, Coronation, at DRUMS on the OHIO on June 29!

2016 Local Corps Member – Anna Hirsch

2016 Local Corps Member: Anna Hirsch

Performing Corps: The Cadets


Castle High School graduate Anna Hirsch will again be performing with The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps Color Guard this summer during the DCI Summer Tour. And even though Anna won’t have a “home show” in Evansville this year, she will still be doing what she loves — performing!

Since she was very little, Anna has had a deep passion for color guard. As Anna recalls, “I have been spinning a flag since I was in the third grade and have always wanted to pursue my dream of marching in a drum corps.”

For Anna, being in a drum corps is a great experience because no matter how tired you get, you get to share your love and passion for an activity with 149 other people. “It’s great to see how total strangers can become best friends in a matter of a few weeks.” Anna says. She chose to audition at the Cadets in 2015 because she loved the way they work as not only as a team, but as a family.  She reminds herself everyday that “I may be a small part of the Cadets, but they are a large part of me.”

For Holy Name Shall Always Be is more than just a saying for Anna and The Cadets. It is their way of life and tradition of the corps. “I never realized how important six words could be in bringing 150 members so close together,” says Hirsch.

This summer Anna hopes to gain the experience of not only a team working hard toward a goal, but being a part of a hard working family. She really enjoys the way The Cadets act as a family and she is very excited to be a part of it again for a second consecutive year. Have a wonderful summer, Anna! Good luck to you and The Cadets this season!

2016 Local Corps Member – David Altman

2016 Local Corps Member: David Altman

Performing Corps: Carolina Crown


Marching in his second year with Carolina Crown Drum and Bugle Corps is David Altman of Newburgh, IN. David is a 2015 Castle High School graduate and is currently studying music education at Ball State University. His passion for drum corps runs very deep, as his commitment to this activity has him connecting with people in amazing ways.

As corps fees can be very expensive, David has come up with a creative way to receive donations for his tour fees. As David explains, “Within the last few months I have started a project to help support my tour fees called CorpsMarks. Essentially I hand paint book marks that are styled after a few world class drum corps. I also do custom high school uniform book marks. I have had pretty good success with this project.” So if you know David and are looking for some creative book marks, he is your guy!

Mentoring is something that is also very important to David. In his 2014 season, he was mentored by a baritone age-out who marched Crown in 2013 and 2014. This had a lasting impression on David as last year, David was approached by someone who was interested in marching corps at the DCI Atlanta Regional. As David recalls, ” I was away from the group during visual stretch and a kid about my age approached me. We talked for a few minutes and he had recognized me from my 2015 audition video. After the season he contacted me on Instagram and I actually was able to help mentor him throughout his first Crown audition process. I’m proud to say that he will be marching euphonium alongside me this summer!”

Not only is David pursuing his own dreams of performing in drum corps, but he is also using his influence to encourage others to pursue their dreams of marching corps. “I always try to help others march somewhere. I want them to find a home corps that will allow them to experience the amazing gifts that drum corps has to offer,” says Altman.

David hopes to sharpen his skills and further his reach this summer so that he may be able to help others experience the same overwhelming sensation of joy participating in drum corps. We are proud of David as he is able to #ShareTheCorps and #GrowDrumCorps on an individual level. We wish David and the rest of Carolina Crown a great summer season.

2016 Local Corps Member – Carly Jerstad

2016 Local Corps Member: Carly Jerstad 

Performing Corps: Phanton Regiment

CarlyJerstad_EditedEvansville Westsider Carly Jerstad is dancing her heart out as a Phantomette this summer with Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps Color Guard. She is a 2015 graduate of F.J. Reitz High School and is currently a full time dance major and vocal minor at Ball State University.

Being part of the F.J. Reitz marching band taught her time management, motivation, discipline, leadership and much more that will be transferred to her experience in Phantom Regiment. Carly hopes to take what she gains from performing with Phantom this summer and apply it toward her future endeavors. “This corps is very movement based and being a dancer, dancing all summer will help me maintain my technique and physical fitness. I look forward to pushing myself and conquering any challenges,” says Jerstad.

Dance and color guard are a passion for Carly. Drum corps allows her to follow her passion and make a dream of hers come true. About her drum corps involvement, Carly says, “Drum corps, to me, is a great opportunity for me to push myself and experience something bigger than myself. It provides me with leadership skills, discipline, and a chance to meet a new, diverse group of people. It is truly an adventure of a lifetime!”

Phantom Regiment will be touring all over the Midwest this summer. We hope all of your dreams come true this season, Carly, performing with Phantom Regiment. Have an amazing summer dancing!

2016 Local Corps Member – Patrick Jackson

2016 Local Corps Member: Patrick Jackson

Performing Corps: Colts


On his very first drum corps summer tour, Patrick Jackson of Evansville will be performing this season with The Colts Drum and Bugle Corps from Dubuque, IA. Patrick is a prolific musician as he has been a six year member of the North Green Brigade Marching Band and a four year member of both the EVSC Honors Band and the EVSC Honors Jazz Band. This summer Patrick will be a member of the brass section playing the Euphonium, which is a big change from his eight years of playing the saxophone.

This young musician became interested in music performing arts at an early age. “My sister is older than me and was attending North High School at the time, and was in marching band. With my parents always being around band in the pit crew, I always seemed to find my way somehow to every single competition or football game performance. Those were the times that I feel in love with marching music, and I could not wait until finally it was my turn to be a part of the band in high school,” says Jackson. His seventh grade year he was asked to march with the North Green Brigade by then North music director, Steve Shelley.

His first DCI experience was in 2013 when DRUMS on the OHIO came back from its 5 year hiatus. Patrick says,” There was nothing like it. The corps that were participating were amazing and instantly made me desire to be a part of that type of group. As a fan you live for those moments, but as a musician you are those moments. As a musician on the field bringing moments like that to life is a feeling that will be longed remembered. It is the few moments of the show where you are able to feel invincible and a part of something bigger than yourself. It is moments like those that make you want to march DCI. Drum corps means the chance of a lifetime, an opportunity to touch so many people with an activity that I keep very close to my heart.”

The hard work and experiences gained this summer for Patrick will be unforgettable. After months of auditions, Patrick’s dream of marching with a drum corps is finally becoming a reality. He says about his experience, “I will challenge myself by being a part of something special, something unlike anything in this world. Something called drum corps.”

After Patrick’s summer tour ends, he plans to attend the University of Evansville where he will study business and play in the bands at UE. We look forward to seeing Patrick and The Colts perform at DRUMS on the OHIO on June 29.

2016 Local Corps Member – Keri Keeley

2016 Local Corps Member: Kari Keeley

Performing Corps: Troopers

KariKeeley_EditedFeatured again in 2016 is Kari Keeley from Jasper, IN. Kari currently goes to Vincennes University for Health Information Management and will graduate in the spring of 2017. Again this year she will be marching the mellophone with the Troopers from Casper, Wyoming.

This is a very special year for Kari as this will be her age-out year. Through her experiences in drum corps, she has learned that it isn’t about winning but about performing for the people next to you. She has learned how to be a better instructor since marching drum corps. She says, “For me, being in a drum corps means having a family to get me through all of my tough times and with which to enjoy all of the amazing and happy times.”

Becoming a better musician and getting to perform for those who enjoy the activity as much as she does was an amazing and very positive experience. “I am very excited and extremely grateful to have the opportunity to age-out at the corps I fell in love with,” says Keeley.

Kari will have an opportunity to come home one last time with her drum corps family and perform as the Troopers travel to Evansville for DRUMS on the OHIO on June 29. We wish Kari the very best in her age-out year.

2016 Local Corps Member – Noah Kresbsbach

2016 Local Corps Member: Noah Kresbsbach

Performing Corps: Phantom Regiment


Performing this summer with The Phanton Regiment is percussionist Noah Kresbsbach from Newburgh. Noah is a 2015 graduate of Castle High School and is very excited to be with Phantom this summer.

For Noah, his perspective on drum corps has certainly evolved since his first experiences. “My perception of drum corps has drastically changed from when I was a spectator to now, a performer. I see it less like people playing loud notes and fast rolls running around a field and more of what the activity is at its core; a family. You are unknowingly adopted into a family with 149 brothers and sisters. ”

And as the season soon begins for Noah, his excitement has been growing. “When time comes for you to go to the next camp you are so excited to see everyone you can’t sleep, all you can do is lay in bed buzzing with the excitement like a child on Christmas.” says Kresbsbach.

Noah will begin his summer tour at the DCI Tour Premiere on June 23 in Indianapolis, IN where Phantom will be performing for a large audience at Lucas Oil Stadium , in addition to being broadcast at movie theaters across the country. We wish Noah the best of luck this season.